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What We Provide


Licensed by NYS

Bidding on the job, Submitting Engineering Fire Plans to the local AHJ (Fire Marshal) for approval. Then executing the installation by our licensed Fire Alarm Engineers and Technicians to keep your business safe. Our monitoring company will dispatch in the event of a Fire or Carbon monoxide poisioning. We take this very serious



Always Prepared

We cater to the Commercial and Residential side of Alarms. We have a Central Station Monitoring company that monitors your 

  • Perimeter

  • Interior when Armed Away

  • Panic/Distress Buttons 

  • Motion

  • Smoke&Carbon Monoxide​

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Commercial, Residential & Goverment

Cameras deter criminals form crime, but doesn't stop them. Having the footage to identify "Stranger Danger" at a bus stop, or school, Shootings at a club, Robberies at stores, suspicious acts of terrorism, and the list goes on. We have installed thousands of systems from Government, State, Local, Commercials and Residential. We will sit with your team of board members, Loss Prevention, Building Owners, Cops, Undisclosed personnel. We will provide you with comfort.

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Security Management

Benefits of Access Control

  • Helps restrict certain areas. ...

  • Difficult to Duplicate. ...

  • Goes Beyond Standard Doors. ...

  • Protect Valuables. ...

  • Allows Multi-Location Access. ...

  • Helps Save Energy and Cost. ...

  • Simplify Employee Turnover. ...

  • Easily Record History of Entry.

We provide remote security management at a monthly low cost to manage your security. This is a savings of at least $70K a year. 



Voice & Data Infrastructure

For any business to be sucessful they need communication to the world. Without that there is no business. What we do:

  • Installation of Computer Wires

  • Installation of Telephone Wires

  • Management of Wires on IT Rack

  • 12,24,48 Port Patch Panels

  • Ladder Racks, IT Racks (Ortronics etc..)

  • Installation of Servers, Switches 

  • POE surveillance 


Fiber Optic

  • Splicing

  • New installations

  • Troubleshooting

  • Aerial

  • Underground Plant

  • Single Mode. Multimode


Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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